Museum quality heirloom portraits


Each is painted on portrait-grade Belgian linen, only professional quality oil paints are use in creating this piece, many I import from Europe.

Varnishes are added to oil paints to create various optical effects, increase luminosity, and harden and preserve the paint film.  As a protective finish, these varnishes when applied to a painting are extremely flexible, will not crack and they act as a barrier to atmospheric stresses.  Also, the thin nature of these painting mediums will limit their tendency to yellow over time.



"The first time that someone gave me some money, I was three years old; I looked up at my Mom and said, "Now I need to go buy some art supplies."  Ever since this young age, I have been developing as an artist and exploring the possibilities of fine art.  Although I have many talents as an artist painting has been my main focus. It is always exciting to experience the transformation of a blank canvas to a simple drawing and then to a painting full of life, color, and movement. 

When I was a young girl I was extremely interested in art. I would spend countless hours at our family's antique gallery studying the fine art, carved wood, marble, old paintings, etchings and portraits.  I was intrigued with the workmanship of people from so long ago. I was also in awe of the charm of the city, it's beauty was so inspirational.

I remember staying up all hours of the night practicing drawing.  Art was an escape from some of the challenges I found to be difficult in real life.  Art’s impact on my life changed as I grew older, I constantly found myself setting newer and higher goals. Through this glorious spiral upward, I realized the more I learn, the more I want to learn, grow, and discover.  Art has helped in developing my character in many ways, with it I have learned to be patient, to be tenacious, and to be satisfied with obtaining goals I never thought I could reach. I have been blessed with a special gift and it's incredibly satisfying to know that I can use my talent to bring joy into the lives of others."



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Delivery of portrait to the Jindal family.

Delivery of portrait to the Jindal family.


A great deal of thought should go into what you want your portrait to convey. In beginning to explore these concepts there are a few basic things to consider.


If you have chosen to have multiple subjects painted, will they be done separately or together? When executed individually the artist is able to create a unique image suited to their individuality.


There are 4 options when choosing a format; Head and Shoulders, Half Length (which has the inclusion of the hands), Three Quarter Length (down to the knees or slightly below), and Full Length. Please note the smaller the size of the portrait, such as a Head and Shoulder format, the less the background will be visible since the amount of canvas surrounding the head will be limited. A simple drop cloth may be all that is needed as the focus will primarily be on the face. Larger formats are not always necessary but it does allow the artist and client to be more creative with setting and composition.


Each portrait is custom sized. The painting may be of landscape or portrait orientation depending on the position of the figure, the setting, and considering the best composition. Typically the proportioning of the figure on the canvas is slightly smaller than life size.

Casual vs. Elegant:

Are you more interested in an elegant portrait with formal dress and setting or a more casual image in which the sitter is relaxed and amid an activity? The final version may fall anywhere in between these extremes. Viewing Camille Barnes portfolio may help guide you through this decision as you may find yourself more attracted to the style of a particular painting. Consider, as well, what is more suited to the individual's personality and how they would like to be seen.

Mood and Color:

There is a psychological element involved in portraiture. Choosing color themes is also important as the intensity or subdued quality of color within a painting evokes emotions from the viewer. Imagine a painted figure in which the shadows or background are interlaced with an acidy green or a crimson red verse a calmer, subdued blue. Besides reflecting personality, carefully coordinating the colors will create harmony within your portrait. The colors may also be custom designed to complement the decor of your home or office.

Setting, Themes, and Dress:

There are many options for the setting or backdrop of your portrait. The background could be in your home or office surrounded by favorite furniture and draperies already suited to your style. You may consider capturing the subject amidst a favorite hobby or activity. Sentimental objects could be discretely placed within the composition, for example, a favorite toy or family jewelry. When it comes to dress, do consider that clothes and hairstyles become out of date very quickly so it is best to keep the dress simple and natural or classical in style.


I offer heirloom quality oil portraits ranging in price from $400 to $25,000.

The fee is based on the size of the portrait and the number of subjects. Portraits larger than 16”x 20” are an additional cost. The client is responsible for framing, shipping and all travel costs. A 50% deposit is required at the time of commission. Balance is due upon completion.

Please call or email me for more information.