La Department of Military


Oil on a linen canvas
James H Mays
Command Sergeant Major
Louisiana Army National Gaurd
Size 24" x 30"


It can be challenging to show the work in progress. Over two months of work has been condensed into about 2 minutes.  

Kylie's Portrait

Minor changes are being made to Kylie, and major changes will be in the background.  

Signed, sealed, delivered.

Kylie's photoshoot was done over a year ago, she grew a lot since I last saw her.

Seeing the faces of the family when I deliver a painting is so much fun. I would like my art and my life to brighten the corner of a small place in this world each day. I love painting children, they inspire me with their sweet spirits & purity of heart. May we all become like children with a heart that is pure and full of love to share with others around us.

The Story behind the Arceneaux Portrait

Mr Arceneaux contacted me about createing a portrait for his wife (a surprise Christmas present).

He sent family pictures for me to work from, however I needed to add another person, his father-in-law.  His wife lost her father last year, his passing broke her heart.  A photo of him dancing with her at their wedding would suffice for this project. 


Their little boy needed some adjusting...

 liked his face here:

& his pose here:

For her dad, I would have to find someone to pose for some photos so I could create a new body of him for the portrait.  My husband was the model.  (He's a model husband.)

A rough draft was sent for approval & critiquing:

Two different photos were used to create the background.  Well, that's the beginning of the story.  The end of the story has not arrived as of yet.

PS. The drawing & underpainting was completed by Christmas, to give as a gift.


The first photo really did show enough of the Mom's likeness because her head was tilted downward...another photo was used to replace her head.


Here's a short video showing the whole progression of the painting:


Creating a custom piece

When someone request a custom piece of artwork, they usually already have an idea in their mind. The artist job is to bring that vision into reality.

For this painting, the art patron, Bonnie, wanted an eagle soaring.  I had her send me a picture of the wall she was needing the the artwork to hang on.  

The first part of the process was for me to send Bonnie some conceptual designs for her to get an idea of what was in my head.

Conceptual designs of painting:

We had to determine the exact size the painting needed to be. Painters tape was placed in the area, then measurements were taken.


It was decided to go with the center image.  She requested some "semi-abstract" (I think that's pretty funny).  The eagle was more realistic while the background had texture, gold leaf and some abstract components.

A large wooden panel as constructed for the artwork.

Images of the process:





 tape and texture

tape and texture

 begin detailed work on the eagle

begin detailed work on the eagle

 Painting the sky.

Painting the sky.

Detailed image of the sky:




Here is a photo of the finished painting, hung in here home:




Oil painting demo from Artist Camille Barnes


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Artsy Still Life

A simple still-life of common objects can reveal the artist's love of color and his passion for the medium he or she uses.  In my studio are many such objects, I see them almost everyday.  In appreciation of the art of creating art this painting came to be.

Studio still life

Oil on Canvas