This work of art is a donation to the LSU Health Shreveport Medical School’s Core Learning Center for the Executive Council Art Project. This piece serves to honor Dr. David DeSha’s contribution to the medica school since its inception. One of the central themes of this piece is the bone histology images, which represents his foundational role. This piece also features some of his noteworthy contributions, including:

  • He has been teaching at LSUHSC since 1970.
  • He has taught students in every class that has ever graduated from LSUHSC-Shreveport.
  • He is an avid bird watcher.
  • He loves to play golf and has made a hole in one on two different occasions.
  • The DeSha Endowment for Medical Education was established in his honor.
  • He was awarded with the Dr. Allen A. Coping Award for Excellence in Teaching in Basic Sciences in 1997.
  • He was honored as Best Anatomy Department Teacher eight times, and received the Adrian F. Reed Basic Scientist Teaching Award given by the senior class twenty-two times.

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