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Signed, sealed, delivered.   Kylie's photoshoot was done over a year ago, she grew a lot since I last saw her.   Seeing the faces of the family when I deliver a painting is so much fun. I would like my art and my life to brighten the corner of a small place in this...

Their surrounding were deadly

Scheele’s Green was a deadly color Bad Chemistry Scheele's Green was invented in 1775 by Carl Wilhelm Scheele.  The pigment was originally prepared by making a solution of sodium carbonate. The temperature of the sodium carbonate was about 90 °C. Slowly adding...


Here the time-lapse progression of this one.  The story about this painting Madelyn's grandmother had a portrait done of her daughter around five years of age.  Madelyn's mother saved the dress she wore in her own portrait from when she was a little girl, in...

Interesting Email

I received this email from a lady: "Hello, I've seen the painting you did of the buggy driver with two mules... As a fun side note, the driver in your painting is my husband, Dave and the "white" mule" is Blue. Dave and Blue are training a new mule here, and together...


When it was unveiled a proud Michelangelo stood by and watched as people admired the beautiful Pieta. However, what was pride quickly turned into anger as he overheard a group of people attributing the work to other artists of his time. That anger caused Michelangelo...

Book Illustrations

Childrens Book  "Goodnight Acadiana"  Ampersand Publishing & Author Leslie Crawford    Publishers Weekly reviews "Goodnight Acadiana" (The only Children's Picture Book reviewed!) A total of 215 books were submitted to PW Select and only 41 were reviewed....

Drawing an Eye

Her’s a quick tutorial for beginners, just learning to draw.

Creating a custom piece

When someone requests a custom piece of artwork, they usually already have an idea in their mind. The artist job is to bring that vision into reality. For this painting, the art patron, Bonnie, wanted an eagle soaring.   I had her send me a picture of the wall she was...

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