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Painted Door

This one’s on its way to South Carolina ✈️ 16”x20” Oil on canvas For an Etsy customer. Custom artwork requested by a lady. She said “I'm interested in having a small custom oil on canvas done of a door - it's the front door to my husband's childhood home, that...


Signed, sealed, delivered.   Kylie's photoshoot was done over a year ago, she grew a lot since I last saw her.   Seeing the faces of the family when I deliver a painting is so much fun. I would like my art and my life to brighten the corner of a small place in this...

Their surrounding were deadly

Scheele’s Green was a deadly color Bad Chemistry Scheele's Green was invented in 1775 by Carl Wilhelm Scheele.  The pigment was originally prepared by making a solution of sodium carbonate. The temperature of the sodium carbonate was about 90 °C. Slowly adding...


Here the time-lapse progression of this one.  The story about this painting Madelyn's grandmother had a portrait done of her daughter around five years of age.  Madelyn's mother saved the dress she wore in her own portrait from when she was a little girl, in...

Interesting Email

I received this email from a lady: "Hello, I've seen the painting you did of the buggy driver with two mules... As a fun side note, the driver in your painting is my husband, Dave and the "white" mule" is Blue. Dave and Blue are training a new mule here, and together...


When it was unveiled a proud Michelangelo stood by and watched as people admired the beautiful Pieta. However, what was pride quickly turned into anger as he overheard a group of people attributing the work to other artists of his time. That anger caused Michelangelo...

Book Illustrations

Childrens Book  "Goodnight Acadiana"  Ampersand Publishing & Author Leslie Crawford    Publishers Weekly reviews "Goodnight Acadiana" (The only Children's Picture Book reviewed!) A total of 215 books were submitted to PW Select and only 41 were reviewed....

Drawing an Eye

Her’s a quick tutorial for beginners, just learning to draw.

The Story behind the Arceneaux Portrait

Mr. Arceneaux contacted me about creating a portrait for his wife (a surprise Christmas present).  He sent family pictures for me to work from, however, I needed to add another person, his father-in-law. His wife lost her father last year, his passing broke her heart....

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